We are women, created for divine purpose. Many of us attend the conference broken and weak, but we put on the armor of God and walk in the path illuminated by His light. What we know at the end is that we're no longer weak; no longer defenseless; but total women complete in our mind, body, soul, spirit and in Christ


The Conference in 2015

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", a saying that shows how physical our measures of woman's beauty is. For some, it's not about how a woman looks but by the virtues she posses within. In 2015, Pastor Funmi Obilana, the visionary of the TWC, led us to believing that we didn't have to chose one perspective of beauty over the other. As women, we could be beautiful both inside and out, in that order.

Speakers like Terri Matthews and Lisa Crenshaw from the Philly area; Pastor Esther Obasi-Ike and Rev Sade Fasedemi from oversees, and many more seasoned speakers from all walks of life blessed us during the 3-day conference.

The Conference in 2016

After a woman has built her confidence and is ready to take over her world, the enemy holds us back by reminding of past regrets, things that could have been that aren't. In 2016, the conference was positioned to help women trade places. We didn't deny our past and pains, we just made scents out of regrets by the power of the Holy Spirit. We left the enemy with the regrets of letting us be at the conference at all.

Speaker line up included Pastor Cynthia Brazelton, Rev Funke Adetuberu, Daphne Nevera-Lupfer and The Mercados

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The Conference in 2017

It’s okay to wear makeup over blemishes and spots, but makeup over soul and spiritual issues would never bring healing. Pastor Funmi set out to have a heart to heart with women of this day and age in a conference themed My Heart”. It was like an ICU for all of us in attendance.

Rev Funke Adetuberu and Pastor Funmi had deliverance sessions, Pastor Cynthia Brazelton ministered for the second year in a row, Terri Matthews and The Mercados ministered for the third year in a row and breakout sessions that targeted specific needs of ladies held across the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center Premises


This Year -2018


Event Highlights

THU APR 12 • 3PM - 5PM

Check - In

100 Hotel Road.
Hershey, PA 17033
(717) 533-2171

THU APR 12 • 7PM - 10PM

Opening Session

With Guest Speaker
Pastor Esther Obasi-Ike
from Nairobi, Kenya

FRI APR 13 • 6AM - 7:30PM

Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk, Zumba, Aerobics...
Are some of the super fun activities that juices up the conf.

FRI APR 13 • 12PM - 2PM

Breakout Sessions

Dating, Marriage, Career mgt.
Business, Science, Craft, etc.
Sessions tailored to your interest