The words we scream so  quietly , yet often in our hearts as adults, and so loudly as babies uncaring of who knows or where we are, with complete disregard of decorum, etiquette or propriety

Why did help me become so quiet and so selective. Was it a slow bludgeon by the actions of people that we asked for help but were helpless to help, because they needed help themselves?

So "help me", a phrase the seemingly independent strong adult hates to say but yet needs too, so desperately? You finally bolster your courage and you ask those closest  in a whisper and startled they give you the deer in the headlights look, with dilated pupils they look first inwards and then at you and mumble a response based on their past experiences, you wonder, it worked for them will it work for me.

So you summon the last vestiges of your strength and attempt to step in their steps, it feels awkward and shaky yet you keep at it, more opposition hhhmmm or could it be opportunity comes and you're knocked to your knees .

With tears silently streaming down your face, and heaving shoulders you scream in excruciating agony God help me? As thoughts race through your consciousness at speeds exceeding light, in the middle of this chaos, you hear a gentle soft whisper, I have engraved you on the palm of my hand , you are mine the waters will not overflow you , the fires will not burn you.
You look with hopeful dismay ,Lord , and say , "it hurts so bad, it feels so hot , My God". He holds your hands and leads you to the cleft of the rock, that place of unexplainable, mind-boggling  serene inner quiet.

So with the winds blowing ferociously and the storms raging, you whisper Lord help me and you smile with a knowing in your heart that He already did. The what, where , when, and how are still opaque, but you are assured He's promised to help me and Help me He shall.

written by

Dr. Enitan Adegite
Hope Empowerment Love Purpose (HELP)
Total woman movement